Energy, by its very
nature, is intelligent.
It can be tamed,
harnessed, modified
and used to heal
mind, body and soul.
The soul is not
an abstract thing,
but a subtle
mix of energy.
I was immersed in a
sea of uncertain situations,
which sailed in me like
so many waves that never
reached the beach.
With the teachings of
the Masters, I found
serenity and happiness.
We are not only
physical entities,
but we are also
made of energy,
which is the
source of our
One’s karma,
soul, and spirit,
along with our
thoughts and
ideas, are merely
a mix of different
types of energy,
which can create in
us a magnificent
spiritual being.

“Energy, by its very nature, is intelligent and flows spontaneously to the exact point where the etheric body needs it,” says Sergio Mari. “This energy can be tamed, harnessed, modified, and used to heal mind, body and soul.”

Sergio Mari has become an expert in administering subtle healing energies to all forms of life, and is also able to perceive the suffering and spiritual needs of human beings.

Learning to Use Intelligent Energy

Some people, by nature, by evolution, through faith and God’s grace, have this intelligent energy at their disposal. Learning how to use both pranic and spiritual energy for healing the sick, or attaining spiritual awareness and illumination is a lifelong journey. It’s one Sergio embarked upon more than 25 years ago, and it’s one he continues today.

Special Training

From 2001 to 2003, he received special training on how to use the energy that came through his hands (pranic energy) and also how to manipulate spiritual energy with his mind. He has dedicated the use of his “gifts” for the betterment of humanity, and, for the past decade, he has used energy healing (or pranotherapy) to help many people physically, psychologically and spiritually.

“Write a book”

The spiritual Masters who trained Sergio tasked him with writing a book about his experiences. Healer of the Thirteenth Ray was compiled from his journal entries and completed recently.

In Sergio’s words: “For me, this book represents a first step in offering a new awareness, or a new consciousness, that, I hope, can become a part of your life and illuminate it as the Masters’ teachings have illuminated mine. And, if you have healing powers, I hope this book will encourage you to believe in yourself and to continue developing your gifts and talents.”

Most recently, in addition to his healing practice, Sergio has been working with Italian universities on a series of experiments tapping into his ability to manipulate energy.

BookMockup-7-24Healer of the Thirteenth Ray
From Spiritual Awakening to Energy Healing

By Sergio Mari

Healer of the Thirteenth Ray is the unusual story of Sergio Mari’s spiritual evolution—how he came to accept the painful experiences of his life as “gifts,” and how spiritual beings taught him to use those gifts to alleviate the suffering of others.

A V A I L A B L E   N O W

When our 25-year-old son Ben was at his worst, suffering from advanced Lyme disease, I sent Sergio a photograph of my son. With that picture alone, Sergio was able to diagnose, treat, and begin to heal him. Even more remarkable, he was able to communicate with his soul. We are profoundly grateful for this gift from God, and for Sergio’s generosity in sharing it.”

— Fay Wheeler Sunshine